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Where is Khatima City - 2020 !

Where is Khatima City of Uttarakhand?

khatima city is Famous place of Uttarakhand, and Khatima Tourism about. Khatima Nearby Tourist places Purnagiri Temple Tanakpur (Banbasa Tourist Places) Nearby Nepal Border 1 (km)  from Tanakpur. Nanakmatta Gurudwara Sahib from khatima (15 Km) Best Tourist Places to visit Khatima to tanakpur distance 20 km.

About: Khatima Tourism Places in Uttarakhand

  • Puranagiri Temple places
  • Tanakpur
  • Khatima tourism
  • Nanakmatta Tourism
  • Banbasa dam. 

 khatima Market about

Khatima Market of Uttarakhand (Most Poplar Market),
khatima  market all type product available and computer shop and all type mobile shop. bike and car showroom khatima market available. Hero khatima royal Enfield showroom.

Famous places of  khatima City and  Market of Uttarakhand.

  •      Sanjay Market
  •      Arora market
  •      Sonu communication
  •      mi store
  •     Arora book depot
  •     khatima Market is famous places of Uttarakhand near
  •     places of Banbasa market, tanakpur market.

Khatima Hotel List: 

  1.      Hotel Holiday khatima Uttarakhand
  2.      New Hotel khatima
  3.      "Oyo rooms"
  4.      Hotel kanha ji 
  5.      Hotel perchwood
  6.      Hotel shagun khatima
  7.      Sardarji 
  8.      Maharani hotel
  9.      Hotel and restraurant
  10.      Hotel shagun.

How to Reach Khatima From Bareilly?

Khatima is Uttarakhand Hub Kumaun. 

Tanakpur railway stations famous &  Bareilly, to khatima Bareilly Junction railway station is a small railway station in Bareilly district Uttar Pradesh and khatima from Bareilly.

distance 2 h 18 min (89.4 km). Khatima to Bareilly railway station time table news 09:25.

How to Reach Khatima From Delhi?

khatima is Udham singh Nagar hub and khatima visit now. Delhi: bus timing and this is not real data. distance from delhi to khatima 7 hour 5 mint.

Where is Khatima City Uttarakhand?

Khatima city  is 'Udham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand'. This is famous city of Udham singh Nagar and Near place Nepal border. famous place Near Tanakpur Purnagri temple khatima.

How to Reach Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib?

Nanakmatta This is best places of Uttarakhand and famous places. famous temple of gurudwara nanakmatta sahib uttarakhand visit now Nanakmatta dam.

tanakpur bankhandi temple bankhandi famous temple of champawat.

 Banbasa dam tourist attraction to nepal and india. Tanakpur to nepal border - visit now nepal border khatima Nearby Place.

Purnagiri Temple Tanakpur Uttarakhand india

This is my most popular place of Purnagiri temple champawat. purnagiri larges people visit temple. this is Hindu temple. khatima to purnagiri distance 1 h 19 min (45.0 km) via NH9.
best time visit now purnagiri February and July.
sharda river injoying now sharda river famous river india and of Nepal.

Khatima Famous River

This is famous sharda river in khatima and
visit now Lalkothi place. khatima famous hum of kumaun of uttarakhand. visit now khatima tourism.
visit now Lalkothi place. khatima famous hum of kumaun of uttarakhand.

Khatima Mela news 2020

Mela of khatima city is famous event of Udham singh Nagar Near mela .Chakarpur this is famous mela ghat road mela very famous Nanakmatta Sitarganj mela Purnagiri mela 2020

Bankhandi Temple Khatima

"Chakarpur Mahadev Bankhandi Temple khatima" is famous places of Champawat of Uttarakhand.

chakarpur railway station of Uttarakhand and Near famous sharda river and other name kali Nadi.

 Chakarpur (Larg temple) Bankhandi Mahadev, temple of Hindu temple in Bilheeri Uttarakhand. 

this is poplar Tourist place Bankhandi Mahadev temple chakarpur khatima.

Why is Famous Banbasa City?

Banbasa is indo nepal border hub. Banbasa Tourism attraction places of champawat of Uttarakhand. tourist places. Banbasa dam and river.

 india to nepal roadways. banbasa to nepal border distance 1 km & 2 km. 

khatima to tanakpur distance and what is timing visit now tanakpur purnagiri temple. purnagiri visiting time.  march for jun  

Banbasa Market

Banbasa market is champawat hub. Banbasa hub and Banbasa up hill station. best banbasa nature. Banbasa market is famous & city Khatima city.



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