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Purnagiri Temple | Tanakpur, Khatima, Distance -

How to Reach Purnagiri Temple: पूर्णागिरि माता का मंदिर कहां पर है

how to reach purnagiri temple

Purnagiri Temple - "पूर्णागिरि मंदिर:" is Famous Hindu Templeof  tanakpur in champawat of Uttarakhand. Purnagiri dham is located on Uphill station of Tanakpur in Champawat of Uttarakhand and Purnagiri height 3000 Meters. Purnagiri is one of the 108 Siddha peeths. this is best temple of tanakpur tourist place, and  india nepal border tanakpur.

Purnagiri Mela Dates: (2019)

"Purnagiri mela ki last Date". all Time run (12 months). 
this is festival events More people crowd as Navratri,sawan, 
Purnagiri mela is Start to (March) And Last June July.
 "Purnagiri" Best Time visit now Summer Time  4 Months March, April, May, June July.
you can nature see cloud.

How Long Tanakpur: to Purnagiri Temple?

"purnagiri temple distance to tanakpur 21 km" and purnagiri ki chadhai kitni hai 21 km.

   Purnagiri Temple Distance:

  • Purnagiri Temple and Tanakpur  Distance

  • K.M. (Distance)

  • Khatima to purnagiri  distance

  • 45.0 km via NH9

  • Tanakpur to purnagiri distance

  • 46 min (22.0 km) via Purnagiri Rd

  • Haldwani to purnagiri distance

  • 3 h 11 min (121.1 km) via        NH9

  • Lucknow to purnagiri  tanakpur

  • 6 h 48 min (316.1 km) via Sitapur Rd

  • Rudrapur to purnagiri tanakpur distance

  • 2 h 51 min (114.5 km) via NH9

  • Tanakpur station to  purnagiri distance

  • 53 min (23.2 km) via Purnagiri Rd

  • Kathgodam to tanakpur distance

  • 2 h 17 min (101.4 km) via NH9

How to I reach Purnagiri Temple from Khatima?

You are going now Purnagiri from Khatima. 2 way, bus travel and khatima railway stations. Tanakpur Railway Station from Khatima Railway Stations You gone tanakpur. Tanakpur local bus stand visit Now INR R.S. 200 from 150. Purnagiri temple from Khatima.

How to I reach Purnagiri from Tanakpur?

You are going now "Purnagiri' From Tanakpur". Local bus stand visit now. all travel bus stand.
you are fine now char pahiya vahan Purnagiri mandir from Tanakpur. INR R.S. 120 from 80.

purnagiri mandir kaha par ha: ?  पूर्णागिरि का मंदिर कहां पर है

 tanakpur champwat par hai.  

How can i go to Tanakpur From Haldwani:?

Bus stand in Haldwani visit now.  you are gone now. you are fine to tanakpur road base bus. you are Travel Now "tanakpur" road base bus.

Purnagiri Details

Purnagiri ki chadhai kitni hai     255m
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