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Nanakmatta City - How to Reach (Nanakmatta) Gurudwara Sahib - Jagesh singh

Nanakmatta is famous city of udham singh nagar of india. Nanakmatta Gurudwara most larges visit temple in Uttarakhand of india. this is other name Nanak Sagar and poplar temple. first name Nanakmatta was previously known as gorakhmatta but was changed to nanakmatta when guru Nanak dev visited This place in the 16th century.


How to reach khatima from nanakmatta?

Nanakmatta city (about in 2020)

Nanakmatta city of Udham singh Nagar in uttarakhand, nanakmatta about in 2020 and this is good a place of uttarakhand,khatima city from nanakmatta distance 15. km. this is poplar places.

nanakmatta to purnagiri distance 

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